Rules & Procedures 

Below are the 2018 Rules & Procedures:
1. Vessel must be pre-registered and carry a Flotilla Vessel ID Number on the port side forward.
2. A mandatory Captains’ meeting will be held (at a location to be determined), on November 23rd, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. 
3. Staging area for parade participants is the ICW north of the drawbridge onto Wrightsville Beach.
4. Parade lineup will begin at 5 p.m. Participants should be prepared to cast off at 5:45 p.m. on Saturday.
Any text votes cast before 5:45 will not be counted.
5. Parade instructions will be issued on VHF Channel 68 and/or by local hailer. Monitor 68 at all times.
6. Travel at a continuous “no wake” speed. Stay within 200 feet of the boat in front of you.
7. No spins or turns anywhere on parade route. Please keep a steady speed. Route takes approximately 55 minutes.
8. Parade route will proceed south on the ICW passing below the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge, turn east through Motts Channel, then take a northward turn entering Banks Channel, which will take the fleet down the entire length of Banks Channel to the Coast Guard Station near Masonboro Inlet.
9. The judges’ reviewing stand will be located on the Blockade Runner Pier. Captains should bring their vessels within 100 feet of the reviewing stand but do not stop/turn/spin.
10. Parade is not complete until all vessels have cleared the Coast Guard Station. Parade vessels should then turn through Shinn Creek or otherwise dim parade lights and avoid the active parade.
11. By law, no fireworks of any kind allowed.
12. Please use common sense, be respectful of other parade participants, and be respectful of other boaters.  

Be Safe, Have Fun and Enjoy the Parade! Thanks for making it happen!

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